Monday, November 10, 2008

Re : Gotta kp ths shrt...

How many of you people out there have been thoroughly irritated by people who act super busy and send one line or worse no replies to long emails that you put a lot of effort into? here's the perfect way to leave them befuddled enough to poke out a decent reply..

im not sure you are familiar with the concept of civil replys. the fact that you've read the mail has been made abundantly clear in your reply but as far as the standard of the reply in the way of size is concerned, you still leave a lot to be desired. young (lady/man) you must understand, or atleast try to, the effort and heart that goes into writing a mail. it is a means of communication. it is a method of transfer of ideas, a way of bringing the sender and the recipient on the same plane so as they understand each other. now as far as your mail is concerned, far from being on a common plane with me, the recipient, it was rather shabby and seemed lacking in the will to get the point across. you must realise that it is that will which seperates the human race from the animals. it is our ability to think and respond which makes us the rulers of the world today.
i sincerely hope that you appreciate the depth of the message conveyed by this mail. remember, a genuine effort towards life never goes unrewarded. in conclusion, and on a personal note i would like to inform you that if you do not send better mails i shall be liable to knock your ruddy head off.
thanking you
yours truly

I hope the above proves useful..


  1. hmmmmm.... that's definitely gonna yield a lot of better replies!!!!!

  2. is that supposed to be directed at someone???? :s