Thursday, August 9, 2012


This was written a very long time ago, in a different lifetime, one could say. A little cheesy, but it was nice to be reminded of the whimsical, wishfully optimistic way I think of love. Think. Present tense.

I know that it has been a while
but every time I see you smile
still feels like the first time.

And every look from your eyes to mine
it still sends shivers down my spine
just like the first time.

Days or months or years may pass
draining the sands of the hourglass
but the stranger in your looking glass
shall be my love forever.
And though it seems so far away
I swear that I am here to stay.
That fateful kiss we'll have someday
will feel like the first time.

The stolen kisses in forbidden lands
and everytime that we hold hands
feels like the first time

Your vaguely gazing into space,
your warm breath upon my face
still feels like the first time.

These dreams you hold inside your heart
shall come to pass, just play your part.
Wish I could say I knew from the start
that we'd last forever.
Its hard sometimes, dont give up the fight.
How could it be wrong if it feels so right?
Still dream about us every night,
just like the first time.