Monday, November 3, 2008


For the uninformed, I headed the theatre society of me college in my senior year. Life as the Secretary (or Secy) of The Shakespeare Society (or ShakeSoc) might not have always been easy.. but it sure as hell was interesting... Following is an extract from the Secy's note from my final production.. Oh... and sorry again Noor for missing your name.. you know what a scatterbrain I am...

Never thought I’d see this day.
My last production, writing this note; I’d been putting it off for quite a while, my last act as the ShakeSoc Secy.
It began, and I’m not sure if he remembers this, with me as a fresher, grounding Shubho with a flying tackle in one of the numerous games of rugby we played in the mess lawns during the annual production then. And now, with Shubho directing annual, one believes things have come a full circle.
Been through a lot. Six full length productions, several one act plays and competitions, flickering lights, falling ladders.. Suttas and samosas.. Politics and parties.. Friends and well.. not so good friends..
A few regrets, wish I’d done some things I never did. Wish I’d done some things I eventually did, a lot sooner. Wish I’d attended more classes (I’m soooo short..). But overall a jolly good trip it was.
Thank you Shao, Anisha and Neel for keeping me on my toes and always giving me a hard time.
Thank you Meetali, Zafar, Shriya, Himakshi, Sikander, Chirag, and the occasionally present Johnny for making everything come together both in the society and in my life.
A special thanks to my classmates who made it a point to look incredulous every time I came to class and making sure I got whatever attendance I do have.
Thank you Ann for always being there for me and for helping me retain my sanity through everything. Couldn’t have done it without you.
And a final thank you (and sorry) to everybody who had to deal with this non actor, non artsie, non bong, non existent Secy at any point of time.
I hope you all enjoy watching the show as much as we enjoyed putting it up.


  1. hahahahaha... im reading ur blog for the first time.. and just saw this..! god, i wish life was as simple even now, when my name name being missed out of a speech was the biggest problem i had..!

  2. ya well.. i wish things would go back to when being short on attendance was the biggest of my problems...