Saturday, January 17, 2009

Live Forever..

A coupla days ago I was sitting in CCD.. gossiping about people from work with a colleague.. the customary Tropical Iceberg (no chocolate sauce.. no whipped cream) at my side..
I was beginning to feel rather nostalgic and it did seem like the ideal day for coincidences.. and the radio was playing "Dont look back in anger".. So i wasnt very surprised when in walked a gaggle of giggley DhikChik Girls. They were, no doubt for some very good reason which unfortunately illudes my trivial intelligence, wearing rather large sunglasses at seven in the evening, indoors no less..
Thinking it was probably Conjunctivitis, I though it prudent and polite not to stare.. Until that is, the familiar and oft heard sound of a high pitch cackle that always makes me say "I dont think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto", sent me spiralling down a nostalgic rabbit hole..
I though of the days long gone.. where many an hour was spent with coffee and conversation and cackles that would put them sunglasses weilding women to shame.. My thoughts dwelled on my now estranged partner in crime, with her soap opera existance and the resulting infinite wisdom.. I remembered maniacal car rides for bootleg liquor and crazier midnight bike rides with screams galore.. I remembered Virgina Slims and Wibbling Rivalry.. I remember laughter and tears and phonebills and fuming parents.. I remember fistfights at birthday parties (im soooo sorry) and obsessing about the twins.. Life was always an adventure with you around..
But tales of Cows and Uncle Monkeys do not last forever..
I hope you continue to wreck havoc on unsuspecting mortals wherever you go.. and i hope its always about the myooooosic..
Maybe you're the same as me.
We see things they'll never see
You and I are gonna live forever..
All the best..

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