Sunday, January 4, 2009


When the tide climbs high,
and the pier disappears.
Muffles up the silent cries.
Washes away the stagnant fears.

Under the greying skies
shadows criss cross in haze.
Time starts bending momentarily,
in strange and unnatural ways.

Twilight is upon us;
coulurs fade away.
The disparities of the world
are engulfed by a uniform grey.

Darkness splatters and gurgles
like thikish black tar.
While sounds of guns and war cries
still come up from afar.

Waging a lost battle,
a solitary lamp does stand.
Flickering, fading, fighting on
in need of a covering hand.

The sun is set. The day is done.
The night is here to stay.
Into this starless, inky sky
we all will fade away..

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