Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I read.. a lot.. but I have a tendency to pick up one author and read the crap out of them.. like read everything they've written, several times over.. as a consequence of this little habit, my knowledge of literature, although deep, is very specific..
Ergo... #23 : Read three new authors.. authors who I would not pick up normally while browsing through a book store.. A big thank you to Naps.. she recommended two of these books.. (and is almost as excited about The List as I am.. )

  • Tom Holt - Flying Dutch
  • Jodi Picoult - My Sister's Keeper
  • Kiran Desai - Hullabloo in the Guava Orchard


  1. what did you think of the jodi picoult? i hafta say it had me hooked but then i was so immensely put off by the ending that i never read another one.

  2. I know right!! I was in awe of how she'd been taking a rather sensitive issue head on.. and then she just chickens out in the end and picks the convenient ending.. very disappointing.

  3. i swear. **spolier alert** i would have had the older sister die and the younger one deal with the issues. i mean what's with the magic recovery??? thereby totally justifying the parents having this medical backup baby?

  4. have you seen the movie? it actually has the braver ending.. even though they've altered the storyline quite a bit..

  5. You're welcome! :) Now don't just stop with 3, go ahead and read the other authors I told you about! And if you've forgotten (likely) - they're Inkheart (Cornelia Funke) and the Bartimaeus Trilogy (Jonathan Stroud.

  6. oooo i dint see the movie cos i wldnt be ble to handle it. heck im fairly sure ill sob my way through it anyway. im a wuss. (sorry keep forgetting to check back on comments hee) also, if yorue taking suggestions, try rick riordan, terry rpatchett, amitav ghosh =D