Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Verse Libre is the devil..

To write in verse,
you know it,
it often takes much time.
Its the curse
of every poet
to find a word that rhymes.

With 'moon' and 'June'
and 'wine' paired up with 'sign'.
his ambition soon
is thwarted
to add another line

A desperate man
he'll try to
rhyme 'know' with 'how'.
His most ardent fan
would cry too,
"Alas, a dirty trick, I trow."

A poets bane
is easy to divine
Its when he's vain,
not clever
and ends the last but one line,
With 'purple'..


  1. awsome.. simple but perfect.. we always think of it.. but u put it to words.. sweet!