Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Othello Rap..

I have now been a part of two productions of "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)". For anybody who's not seen or read the play, you guys are reaaaally missing out on something.. Originally written and performed by The Reduced Shakespeare Company, the play is side splittingly funny.. for more check out the link
Here's one of my favorite bits from the play... The othello rap..

Here's the story of a brother
by the name of Othello.
He liked white women
and he liked green Jell-O.
And a punk named Iago
who made himself a menace
Because he didn't like Othello,
the Moor of Venice.
Now Othello got married to Desdemona.
But he went off to the wars and he left her alona.
It was a mona--A groana--He left her alona.
He didn't write a letter and didn't telefona.
Desdemona she was faithful, she was chastity-tight.
She was the daughter of the Duke. Yeah, she was totally white.
Now Othello loved Desi like Adonis loved Venus.
And Desi loved Othello --'Cuz he had a big.... ummm.... sword.
Iago said, I'm gonna shaft the Moor.
How're you gonna do it? Tell us.
Well, I know his tragic flaw:
He's too damn jealous.
I need a dupe, I need a dope, I need a kind of a schmo.
So he found himself a chump sucker by the name of Cassio.
So he plants on him Desdemona's handkerchiefs.
So Othello starts wondering just maybe if
while he's been out fighting,
Commanding an army.
were Desi and Cass playing hide the salami?
Salami, salami, s-s-salami.
So he comes back home and stuck a pillow on her face.
Kills her and soliloquizes 'bout his disgrace.
But there's Amelia at the door
who we met in Act IV.
Who says, "You big dummy. She weren't no ho."
She was pure, clean, virginal too.
So why'd you have to go and make her face turn blue?
It's true.
It's you.
Now what you gonna do?
And Othello says, Damn, this is getting pretty scary.
So he pulled out a blade and committed hara-kiri.
Do that funky Moor thing, white boy.
Iago got caught but he probably copped a plea.
Loaded up his bags
And moved to Beverly.
Hills, that is.


  1. Isn't it whore instead of ho when it says, "You big dummy. She weren't no ho."?

  2. 'ho' is kindova gangsta slang for whore.. look it up.. reference.. "Bro's before Ho's

  3. The original lyrics state "whore"
    This rendition probably used "ho"

    The main lyrics are different from what you find above

  4. im sure.. its been written from memory.