Saturday, January 5, 2013

Broken Rose

Tearstained cheeks and a broken smile
Lying unconvincingly
"I'm alright", then slipping
back into the same bump and grind.
Fading out roots, black leather boots.

You hold my hand, grateful for the touch
that did not judge or label.
Longing to be seen,
praying you could disappear.

Elaena, you stranger, you lover
"Take me with you", you said
I could not, I was
too afraid of consequence.
"Then buy the next round", you snapped,
stone faced and silent.
Your tired eyes betrayed you,
leaking memories of what was,
and what if's
and hopeless dreams of a knight.
"You're a good man", you said.
I smiled and kissed your cheek
Tasting the salt.
and held your hand.
I kept the flower you pinned on my shirt.
crushed petals and all.
In memory of the day that I
could only be a good man
but not your knight.

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