Saturday, November 17, 2012

When you burn enough bridges
its hard to find, among the charcoal and ruin
the trail of breadcrumbs you left behind
now just pieces of blackened toast.

When you flip from the A to Z's
of your phonebook, till the numbers are a blur
and all that remain are pitiful stories of loved and lost
and sadder still, of never loved at all.

When you fix the squeaky fan, the leaky drain
the lingering doubt, the flimsy self worth
When you fixed it all, do you see the cracks
in your dreams and in your world?

Do you smile then, and breathe smoke?
and run and scream and push closer.
So close to the edge that you're blind
to the futility and the fear, to everything but the moment.

Reach for me in the dark. Set me free.
Hold me closer so I have naught to fear.
Fight for me as I did for you, but if you cannot,
don't ask me again how I am.

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