Friday, November 9, 2012

Falling Awake

Eagle in the dark
Feathers in the pages.
Monkeys in my heart
Are rattling their cages.

Found a way to blue
And another ghost to follow
Said "it's only up to you"
And that's the hardest pill to swallow.

You never get to choose
You live on what they sent you
And you know they're gonna use
The things you love against you

One foot in the grave
One foot in the shower
There's never time to save
You're paying by the hour

Slipping through the bars
Aware of the danger
Of riding in the cars 
Taking candy from strangers

And it's never out of hand
Never out of pocket
I'm supersonic man
Do you wanna buy a rocket?

I could learn to play the game
I could learn to run the hustle
If I only had the brains
The money or the muscle

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