Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Above All... BALLS

This post is dedicated to two items of clothing that defined me through my rather eventful college life.. I am forced to retire them under muttered threats of "they won't come back the next time you put them to wash" from my mother. But they've lived a full life.. and its time they moved on..
First lets take a brief moment to acknowledge my favorite pair of jeans. Basic blue, Levi's 511, as classic as they come. They were purchased when I was 16, my first branded pair, and I'm proud to say they still fit.. They've stood by me and weathered acid burns, numerous motorcycle crashes, breaking ladders, cigarette burns, grease, paint, blood, sweat and tears.. Every rip, every hole, every hanging bit of denim has a story to tell.. I bid you farewell.. Here's to my Rock'n'roll pants..
Next I raise my glass to something that's been as much of an identifying feature as my lisp, "duuuuuude!!!" and myriad apartment-party stories.. I'm, ofcourse, talking about my blue, round neck, printed tee that read "ABOVE ALL, BALL" on the back.. It had been the subject of many a jibe, but I loved it like a brother and was hardly ever seen without it..
But now as the lettering fades and the tiny holes become larger, I fear its time for it to go to that great T-shirt heaven, and be reunited with my ManU jersey (Mum gave that one away to the maid..) and my "Its better in Goa" tee (which, sadly, did not survive a football game where I was marking Rajdeep..)
May you rest in peace..
P.S. : Wanderer, I hope you're happy now..

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  1. And so it ended...
    Why would I be happy man?! We loved that shirt slightly less than you did! Only in very different ways than you!