Monday, October 27, 2008

Lost for words...

The above being one of my favourite Floyd songs is now the namesake of something I'd written quite a while ago but never got around to naming.. Its wierd how sometimes you're stuck somewhere on the verge of self awareness, and dont know how or why to take the next step..

I know not why I feel this way.
Cant justify this loss for words.
I bid my time, I know its near.
I shall not speak, but I'll be heard.

You smile to think, It hurts me still.
That blade you left inside of me.
I need to rid myself of you
I shall not speak, but I can see.

My hopes and dreams engulfed in haze,
They reappear, though still obscured.
I totter on the verge of thought.
I shall not speak, that is assured.

I need to feed the beast within.
My urges i must pacify.
The blood crawls out, I orgasm.
I shall not speak, I must not cry.

I rule the world inside my head.
My will is done, though flesh is weak.
and so i carry on this way...
I shall not speak. I shall not speak.

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