Friday, May 11, 2012

Classic Mild..

Breathe In..
Let the smoke fill you up
Feel the sweet rush of nicotine
soothe your frayed nerves
and pungent tar scrape your throat raw
like the bile you've come to know so well.

Breathe Out..
Watch the soft white vapour trace your breath
and pretend that you are special,
the last of the dragons,
with dragonfire to burn away
the impregnable fortresses of memory.

Breathe In..
Waiting as the soft orange glow
consumes another eighth of an inch
of snowy white paper
and bits of leaf, golden brown
like her hair, when it blocked out the sun.

Breathe Out..
And sigh it all away.
Yourself, the past, half remembered dreams, everything.
Till all that's left
is the next flick of the thumb
that shakes off the smothering ash.

Breathe in.

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