Monday, December 5, 2011

Decision time..

I'm usually pretty sure of my decisions. I understand that every decision in life has its share of regrets attached to it. Every road not taken will have some sights along the way that you will miss out in life's lil' journey.
Apparently its not the same for everybody.
Also, how do you decide when to cut your losses and just get the hell out? "I cant take it anymore!" is rather subjective and momentary; how do you know for sure that its time to abandon ship?


  1. Maybe when you're more unhappy than happy and you can connect it directly to that issue? is how i decided to break up with BBot...

  2. i get the whole balance of happiness concept. but thats the thing isnt it.. they're such subjective concepts that its impossible to quantify and weigh them against each other.. how do you decide between more unhappy than happy..

  3. sometimes you care for someone so much, you start concentrating only on how you feel about them. you forget that you want something similar, that you want that person to care for you equally, and to be as important to them.
    i guess it's that moment when you remember you deserve to be loved as much as you love.. and realize it's unlikely to happen anytime soon..

  4. so.. I finally decided to end it.. You folks were right.. When it really came down to it, it wasn't that subjective.. Rather it was pretty obvious..