Friday, July 16, 2010

Go figure..

Its uncanny how people evolve into the exact opposites of who they used to be.. Shy, introvert sorta people turn into regular social butterflies.. commitment freaks turn into advocates of casual flings.. and people you had pegged as selfish buggers turn around and surprise you with truly selfless acts..
Im not saying I havent done it myself.. It just startles you sometimes.. especially if you're in a position to draw a before and after kindova picture..
A certain somebody I've known for a while now couldnt stand cigarette smoke.. Mind you, it wasnt just some passing displeasure.. This person had a full blown attack around cigi smoke.. coughing.. inability to breathe.. the works.. matter of fact, an acute desire to be around this person is the primary reason I quit smoking..
But mark the sequel.. just a few years down the line, my reason to quit has now turned occasional smoker! astounds me to no end it does..
Such are the curveballs that life throws at you..
P.S. on the flipside, I cant stand cigarette smoke anymore.. :)
Ah well..

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