Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Bradley Cooper Project : v 2.1

Courtesy The Wanderer
First week of gym over.. typing with very stiff arms.. has been a week of self discovery :

- Can still run 5 kms.. not jog.. run.. :)
- Pushups.. 3 sets of 15.. way harder than it sounds..
- my instructor is a year younger than me.. taller by a few inches and looks like a fucking Adonis.. and looks incredulous everytime i stuggle with the weight.. I am going to kill him..
- ideal time for workout.. early morning.. its when the office crowd works out, so people around are in worse shape than you.. helps your ego when you cant finish the 5th pull up to watch somebody struggling on the treadmill after half a km..

More later.. must fall down and die for a bit..


  1. hey.. i gave you a mention.. what more do you want?