Friday, February 12, 2010


Some readers (god bless their souls) have recently expressed concern over the nature and tone of my blog posts.. im touched.. but i believe i may have alarmed them without cause.. so, to relieve their apprehensions, i feel compelled to issue the following notice..

All material on this blog, poetry or prose; original, inspired or otherwise; is in entirety a work of fiction and a direct result of my overactive imagination and/or momentary mood swings. Any association with any person, place or event is purely coincidental; unless ofcourse i happen to mention otherwise.

i think that should suffice.. :) cheerio..


  1. Or a result of someone's song lyrics? :P

  2. you little pms-ing woman. the drag queen is your true nature, isn't it?

  3. why are mood swings suddenly a woman only thing?