Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hare Krishna.. Hare Ram..

At a recent social event.. dotted with leaf and spin and poker and chili and really really lousy champagne.. one got into a very drunk discussion on religion and society and life and the futility of working towards change.. the following conclusions were reached.. though obvious.. one would still list them down..
  • All change is relative.
  • All change is inevitable.
  • All change is necessary.
  • Its easier to see the positives and the possibilities from a vihangam drishti, bird's eye view.
  • Its easier to see the negatives and hurdles from a insider's perspective.
  • The status quo is the point of greatest negative free energy, ergo point of least potential.
  • The status quo is time based and variable.
  • The status quo, if disturbed, does not revert back to erstwhile status quo, but finds path of least responsibility to a new and relatively close status quo.
  • All views are inherently flawed.
  • All perspectives are inherently distorted.
  • All opinions are relative and driven by self.
  • Hypocrisy is the most primal human trait.
  • All change is desirable.
  • All change is futile.

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  1. u discuss this when ur drunk.. woah!! are you like drnk 24*7!! intense ;)